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Get Off The Perpetual Treadmill By Building a Monthly Giving Program


It was around 2012 or 2013, I had successfully launched my first door-to-door monthly giving campaign and we were growing.

We had gone from about 3,500 monthly donors to almost double the number in just two years!

Then I got a call from Sonya, then the Executive Director of the Surrey Women's Centre. She had heard about our success and wanted to know if she could pick up a few tips on kicking off a program for her team.

See as I told you... I was on my way to becoming a famous fundraising guru!

Meager resources

The meeting with Sonya was perplexing to say the least... she was faced with insurmountable challenges, one that I had not had to face.

She came from a smaller non-profit with meager resources.

For example she had no fundraising staff - and program staff were expected to make stewardship calls to donors.

Processing gifts was a challenge as was any communications. I almost had nothing to offer Sonya, so I offered the next best solution -- start small and build from there.

Starting small

Sonya informed me that she had about 80 monthly donors, who were made up of past clients, ardent supporters, board members and friends.

That gave us a starting point.  The question then was how do we build from there?

I suggested that she do the following:

  • Set a goal of increasing membership to 300 
  • Create a compelling offer and call-to-action
  • Prepare direct mail to send to existing donors
  • Use the phone to follow up with a specific script
  • Ask donors to help offer a solution


After implementing the strategies I gave her, Sonya came back to me a year later -- she had reached her goal of 300 donors - giving a range between $5 - $25 per month!

That was circa 2014 or 15... 

Today that same organization has over 1,000 monthly donors giving on average $17 per month, and planning to grow at about 500 new monthly donors per year.

The plan

I will be honest... when I gave Sonya the plan, I wasn't so sure it would work. 

I had prepared the language, written the strategic brief and process, but it was literally just an idea. 

It was Sonya's tenacity, hard work and commitment to following the plan that led to the outstanding results.  


If you are interested in learning

We stayed on message throughout the whole entire process - and that focus and energy caught momentum.  For the next few years, this process became my go to approach for raising more money. 

Today it is exactly what I do for my clients. I help to bring their programs together for maximum impact.  if this is something your organization is interested in doing - I am more than happy to help.

Moses Gabriel

Director, Inspired Philanthropy

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