Want Data-Driven Fundraising Solutions?

Insights. Data-Driven Strategy. Track-able Progress

What we do

We Help Organizations Use Data For Effective Fundraising Results

Data driven insights. Its literally how we start the conversation with our clients. We clean your data and then help you make sense of the data, develop sound  fundraising strategy and track & monitor your growth.

Get insights

Your journey starts with a comprehensive consolidation, clean-up and analysis of your fundraising database(s).

Develop Strategy

We then take the insights generated from your data to help you develop data-driven fundraising budget forecast and strategy.

Track your KPIs

Once you have set your benchmarks and your growth forecast, we help you track your progress and KPIs on an ongoing basis.

Unique Solutions

Donation analysis toolkit

The Donation Analysis Tookit is an custom made, interactive dashboard that puts the power of data into your hands. Imagine being able to query anything and see your answers visually? This is the promise of our donation analysis toolkit. Our goal is to help every organization have access to good data. 

Strategy development

While it is critical to understand the underlying reasons why something works or doesn't work, it is also important to only focus your energy on the strategies that will have significant impact on your growth. At Inspired Philanthropy, we are not just 'propeller-heads', we are first and foremost - experienced fundraising professionals and data geeks second.

establish credible Benchmarks, kpi and build your budget

The donation analysis toolkit gives your organization access to clean and reliable data without a lot of pain. It means you can set benchmarks and revenue goals that are based on historical performance. You are also able to understand what important variables impact your success - and then ensure you manage them properly. 

why we do it

Our Commitment

We are committed to helping more charities do more with the resources they have. Our goal is to help you develop your capacity to do good and to spend less time 'in-the-weeds' and more time with donors. By specializing and applying a laser-like focus on data, we can help more organizations learn and innovate. We are committed to making fundraising better, because we are inspired by philanthropy. 

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