Fundraising Data Analysis

The donation analysis toolkit

When was the last time you performed a comprehensive data analysis? With Inspired Philanthropy's Donation Analysis Toolkit, your ability to look at your data just got easier!

What does it do?

The Donation Analysis Toolkit is a customized, interactive, dashboard that helps fundraising organizations better understand their data. The toolkit allows you to visualize giving history of donors, slice and dice the data by available variables (i.e. age, geography, loyalty, status...). The goal of the analysis is threefold:

  1. Get data insights, see trends in your data
  2. Develop data-driven-fundraising strategies
  3. Set benchmarks and KPIs to track fundraising progress

Get data insights

Each tab contains a particular 'view' that allows you to build a comprehensive picture of your financial composition and future stability. You can then ask any question of your data and have answers you need at your fingertips. For example:

  1. What % of my donors give $1000 or more? How loyal are they?
  2. How loyal are my donors and what % of your annual donations come from single-gift donors vs. multi-gift donors?
  3. What are the giving trends of my donors by age, by geography , or gender?.
  4. How loyal are event donors? What's their lifetime value? Do they give to other programs?

Basically you can look at any program and understand what segments are contributing and which ones are not.

Develop A Data-Driven Strategy

Using the tool to answer important questions, you can easily and quickly draft your SWOT. The SWOT allows you to summarize your findings into strengths and weaknesses and obvious opportunities. 

Being able to see historic trends and set benchmarks based on facts, puts you in a position to forecast revenues with confidence.

Benchmarks and KPIs

Most data analysis projects end with a presentation and perhaps a fundraising plan, but not many actually have a legacy beyond the start. 

The Donation Analysis Tool, helps you to set benchmarks and set KPIs that are integral to your fundraising goals. Our predictive tools also allow you to develop a highly customized budget by looking at trends and predicting a range of possibilities given certain inputs. 


The Donation Analysis Tool is custom built for every organization and then the data is refreshed once a month when your finance team has closed their books. The data visuals can be used by your staff at meetings, at leadership meetings and also to prepare presentations for board meetings.

If you want to learn more - please reach out to us here or below.

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