Direct Marketing

Get 'Agency Like' Results Without The 'Agency Like' Costs

Let's face it if you are like most organizations, your direct mail and direct marketing revenues are either falling, stagnant, or not increasing significantly year over year.

But what is increasing is the cost, complexity and effort required to carry out successful campaigns.

How we can support you succeed

We are a full-service direct marketing agency but the main different is we only provide what the charity really needs. We can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Help to develop strategy
  • Help you prepare your data (i.e. segment, score, rank)
  • Help to write copy (write appeals, tell stories...)
  • Design your mailing package
  • Integrate via email and online activities (i.e. social media, web....)
  • Video and display advertising

Getting started

If you want to explore our integrated direct marketing services - we should connect.

Let's Work Together

If you are looking to raise more money from affluent donors don't hesitate to connect with me.