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Meet Our Copywriter

Wanda St. Hilaire

Copy Writer Extraordinaire

"I believe all people have a story to tell—their hero’s journey. Words are my fundamental raison d’être, and my passion is bringing human interest stories to life. My mission is to inspire, reveal the soul, and promote compassion globally."

About Wanda

Wanda St. Hilaire has enjoyed a twenty-year career as a writer/author with expertise in the art of story. Her background includes writing and publishing non-fiction books, the creation of an inspirational blog (2012), and penning articles.


St. Hilaire is the author of What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” a poignant fusion guidebook-memoir that speaks to the power of human resilience. A two-time breast cancer survivor, Wanda’s personal brushes with her mortality have given her an empathetic perspective and a profound understanding of the human condition.

Wanda's Published Works

Below are just a few of Wanda's published books and writings. For writing samples please connect with me at your convenience.

I am sorry It's Cancer, Wanda St. Hilaire

The Cuban Chronicles, Wanda St. Hilaire

A New Life, Wanda St. Hilaire

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